Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ryan's Ice Cream Social

Way back in April I threw Ryan a little party for his 28th. It was a very VERY last minute thing and so I came up with an ice cream social theme that I could throw together in a few days.

Most of my supplies came from the dollar store.

These pictures are awful, I know, because it's right around the time I misplaced my camera. These are from Ryan's phone.

I reused some fabric I'd recently used for a baby shower to create a cohesive look and also to wrap around the ice cream containers to keep them from dripping on the table and to give them a more uniform look.

I think my favorite part was how much fun everyone seemed to have and how easy it was. I found glass (libby brand) ice cream cups for $1 each and fun spoons and offered to wash them and send them home with the guests. I think only a few people took them home, which is totally fine! The rest are set aside for our church building to use in their kitchen.

I put fun facts about Ryan around the bottoms of the cups, not only to act as cup-markers, but to celebrate my wonderful husband.

The only toppings I made were homemade hot fudge sauce and homemade caramel topping. The rest was as simple as opening a package. It looks especially delicious right now, considering the day is so warm and muggy!

Happy Birthday, hon. I sure love you.

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Becka Dietrich said...

Cute stuff. I wish I could have been there to help you eat the ice cream...I mean celebrate Ryan's birthday. Even your last minute parties are fabulous Chels!