Monday, October 04, 2010

Stella the Sofa and a Dresser Named Dot

Anyone who knows me for 5 minutes knows I love vintage and I love good deals. Seriously, it's an addiction. I'm in a twelve-step program...well, I should be.

So it's no surprise when I saw a mid-century sofa on Craigslist I let out an audible gasp. Four email attempts to contact the seller later {she said she never got the first THREE?} and a jaunt to the countryside to inspect Ms. Sofa and SOLD! She was even delivered free of charge. Suh-weet.

Now, don't you mind her dirty exterior or her rough edges. This little lady has a few years to her name. And she gave up smoking a few years ago but never completely aired out her dress. I'll fix that. Right up. (with my handy little steamer Ro-WENTA)

Just give her a month to get into her proper party attire. She'll shimmer and shimmy for all. In the meantime, she's still quite comfortable. She just has to sleep in the garage.

Now Dot. Dot just seems like the perfect little kind of project for me. An old dresser, with nondescript details just so. So you can't really tell when or whence she came. But look at those lines! And that mirror. It took me all of 3 minutes at a yard sale on Saturday to march up to the seller and declare, "I'll take that dresser!" Then sheepishly, "Can I pick it up tomorrow?"

Someone down the line painted Dot an unflattering greenish-blue hue, which has since been stripped off and all that remain are stripes and streaks in the little cracks and crevices, like a bad hair coloring trying to be corrected.

No worries, Dot. I think you are grand.

And you'll look great in white.


laura said...

holy cow... so, so, SO JEALOUS of the couch!!! seriously, that is an amazing find!

can't wait to see what you do with the dresser! looks like it has tons of potential!

Alicia said...

Awesome finds! And, how does one have such amazing VISION for thrifted treasures!? Please tell me it can be acquired, and is not just innate. :)

Kayleigh said...

So... How much did you spend for these treasures?!

Heidi said...

i'm in love! with your things. and you're not so bad yourself :)

Ashley Lauren Trunnell said...

Fabulous finds! Since you always find the best stuff... Keep your eye out for a little dresser for me. I've been looking a little bit but haven't found much.

valeri said...

i l.o.v.e. your sofa. STELLA!!!