Sunday, December 05, 2010

Preserving Pears

I've been on this kick lately to start learning more skills that seem to be from days gone by: knitting, gardening, canning.

I haven't had much success in the knitting yet, and gardening this year went to pot {I'm so punny} but this canning adventure has been successful so far!

I scored big time by waiting until after canning season to pick up some items. The key is to go to stores that don't normally stock canning supplies; stores like Target. I found a canning kit (a HUGE canner and jar lifter, wand, etc.) on clearance for just over $4. Four DOLLARS! It was marked down from $35. Sweet action Jackson.

So with my new supplies and some gorgeous, locally-grown pears {that were free - even better}, I attempted my first whole fruits that weren't destined for jam. About 4 hours later - 3 to peel, slice, and core; an hour to make the sugar syrup and process - and the fruits of my labor.

I got 5 quarts of lovely pears. I just think they're so pretty!

Anyone have a good recipe? These are just in a light sugar-syrup, but I'm open to suggestions.


Natalie said...

Look at you, Miss Canning! I need to learn to do that as well. I bought the canning tools (what you got minus the pot) last year at Target as well, but haven't used it yet.

I love canned pears. My grandma (and mom) would just stick a few in a bowl over some chopped lettuce and top it with cottage cheese and grated cheddar. Sounds weird, I know. It's delicious. (I think it's a southern thing.)

Cait said...

Those pears are beautiful! You took a great picture too! My food pictures never turn out! =P I bet those are way better than store-bought canned pears too!

Becka Dietrich said...

Chels you are so danged crafty and thrifty. I envy you. I have desires to do those things but never follow through.
Those pears look SO incredibly good; I started salivating looking at it.