Sunday, January 30, 2011

Excuse Me, But There's Something Above Your Lip

My friend Ashley is having a baby.

Her husband often has a beard or mustache. It's only fitting that we include some touch of facial hair for her little boy.
But then I saw an idea on Modern Moments for these cute cupcake stands. And they had to be included.
I also wanted to incorporate colors and style that I know Ashley loves. Red, orange, Birch/natural wood. And I threw in doilies because she and I relate about vintage a lot. And something about doilies makes me think vintage. Even though I don't buy old doilies and neither does she. Run with it, though. I did!
Gigantic framed facial hair.
I set up the tables the night before. I loved the simple {and inexpensive} but gorgeous place settings. I used disposable bamboo utensils and compostable plates. Cups were purchased from estate sales and all they have in common is the fact they are glass and stemware. I purposely mixed and matched them.
Mason jars were used for ice water. It was the perfect solution, in my opinion.
The food was served family style. Chicken salad on croissants or a vegetarian option of basil-red-pepper sandwiches that Karen made. Both were DEVOURED. Tells you how good they were! We also had an italian-style salad. I might have overbought a bit on the salad. I have about 4 lbs of salad leftover. It didn't seem like that much when I bought it, I swear.

Copious amounts of food.
Lullabies adrift overhead amongst clouds of doilies.
Brooke explaining the projects. She took charge of the activity {we tend to do activities/projects instead of games} and we are making a mobile and a wall hanging. They're going to be SO great! We're getting together in a couple weeks to finish it up before little baby gets here. I'll post pictures when they're completed.Brooke and Erin. Such great girls. I couldn't have done it without them. Brooke has such great taste and we threw this shower together with Karen.
Ashley with her mom and sister.
Brooke and I. Her help and input was immeasurable! Adorable sisters {in law.}
I got the idea for the hanging lullabies from here.

Thanks to Brooke's sister, Erin, for getting a few pictures with me in them! Usually I'm behind the scene in the kitchen and behind the camera.
{Here I was serving dessert. It was a delicious buttery pound cake with a freshly-made blueberry-blackberry sauce.}
The favors all packaged up, ready to find a new home.I'd say it was a great success!


Jillian said...

Good are amazing and so talented (and absolutely gorgeous). I will never throw another baby shower again ;-)

Kayleigh said...

You did SUCH an amazing job on this shower Chels! I love everything! The moooussetoshes are so fun, and I especially love the banners. How cute!

PS - You look really good :)

v said...

you need to start a party planning business so i can hire you as soon as i find a good reason to have a party. you are too creative; i'm losing self-esteem rapidly!
ditto to kayleigh : you are so lovely.

Micah and Melinda said...

Have I told you how incredibly HOT you are!!! um yeah! 'Sexy beast' woman have it tattooed on your forehead!!! (seriously, you amaze me!) Does that handsome man of yours know how incredible you are!!

Ashley Lauren Trunnell said...

I just can't tell you how AMAZING the shower was! I will remember every detail forever. There's no other way to describe it other than perfection. You are and amazing party planner!

You outdid yourself again Chelsea!

Becka Dietrich said...

That is the most darling shower I have ever seen! You are so freakin' amazing and I am so amazingly mad you don't live near me. I should have taken advantage of you when we lived 5 minutes away from each other. You are so incredibly talented Chels. You rock every party!!! Love it!

Gingerlylizzy said...

Ummm... this is your calling in life. AWESOME. You are so creative.

PetersonsWorld said...

I would love to live by you, we would have so much fun! You're my kind of women. I love everything about the shower, I love to look at your blog because you're thrifty and classie. There's nothing I love more than a great deal and decorating.

dandee said...

The floating lullabies are AMAZING! I'm going to be dreamy of floating words tonight. For sure.

Jessica said...

Awesome shower! Everything looked great! I LOVE Mustaches!!! Yay! Congrats

{ L } said...

I'm STILL looking at your amazing blog...and loving it. This shower is incredible. Those invites are super pretty!