Sunday, August 28, 2011

No Longer a HausFrau

I started a job last Monday and it's been sucking all of my brain-power and energy by 6pm. But not enough to actually fall asleep, only to lay in bed and toss and turn from 11pm until 6am. It's such a huge adjustment and I can't even imagine how long it's going to take me to retrain myself to go to bed early to get up early. Maybe a month? Please?

So, Friday night I saw a posting for a yard sale with lots of lace trim and notions. Ha! Like I was going to wake up early on the only day I could sleep in to drive 30 minutes for a yard sale.

Okay, I was. I have Spark coming up and I have lots of stuff to make that includes lace. Do you KNOW how expensive lace is? It's a pretty penny. Enough pretty pennies that it was worth taking a looksey.

Was it worth the drive and waking up at 6:30a on a Saturday? Hells yeah. This was all $10. It pays to lose sleep sometimes.
Also, I got a calling today at Church: (what-was-formerly-known-as) Enrichment Leader. Totally excited and nervous! On top of that I'm responsible for planning the RS Christmas Party and I was extended a calling to be the committee head for the Ward Christmas Party. As things come together, I'll share my ideas! Wish me luck!


laura said...

score on the lace!! seriously, can you ever have TOO much? i think not.

HOORAY for the calling! i'm on my enrichment committee too and am also in charge of the r.s. christmas party... let's put our heads together, shall we? (read: you come up with the fabulous ideas and i totally copy them)

Tatia said...

Wow! What a great find! I just got that same exact calling, I'll have to pick your creative brain for fun ideas!

Amy Shupe said...

Awesome!!! You will do great in that calling. And Score on the the lace!