Saturday, November 17, 2007

A little late

Today was a busy day starting with a windshield replacement at 11(up before 10:30 on a saturday is early. all those with kids, i know, i'm such a baby, but I don't have kids yet so i can relish in it...), lunch with husband @11:30, a baby shower from 1-3, coming home and making a salad for craftnight2 with Evonne and Karen, grabbing my sewing machine and supplies and loading everything up to leave my house by 5:15 to start sewing at 6.

And we got home at 12:15. Long night, involved me swearing a lot and getting really frustrated with the first christmas stocking I was working on, a baby choking and a call to 911, and the other girls whipping out their stuff in no time and totally showing me up.

But today rocked. I love days where I'm so busy that I don't have a chance to be bored.

now...must fit in some gym time. soon. and often. the girls at the baby shower were sticks. they turned sideways and all you could see were their boobs. i hate them.

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exclusive_remedy said...

I hate them too.