Sunday, September 02, 2007

Projects done :)

Few projects I've been working on are now posted in my Etsy shop:

I also used my new cupcake pan!

Just baked:

I used a single box of cake mix and if you see, the top of the cupcake looks to be a little....well, small. So I think another 1 1/2 cups of mix would have been really nice to have. Maybe I'll have to use 2 mixes next time and make the rest into cupcakes..ya know..the normal sized ones.

And really, these are definitely not HUGE, but they're like, oh...4 costco muffins put together.

so next, this is after I leveled the cakes to I could put them together:

Then I used just canned frosting (being that this was the first one and
DEFINITELY not something I wanted to spend tons of time on.

Then I capped it with vanilla frosting:

I think when I actually frost it with some effort its' going to be darling. It's perfectly sized for a child's birthday or a smaller family birthday. I think it will serve 6 and still have a piece or two leftover. mmmm...time for another piece!

I also painted my bathroom last week and removed the towel bar and added towel hooks instead. Works so much better for us. I'll have to show before and afters later.


Gingerlylizzy said...

Hey Chelsea!
Those are so cute! You have the gift! I am attemting to cover some wooden name letters for a friend who just had a baby - any suggestions? I have never done it before...

Your sister called me. Waiting to hear from her but if she books I will be excited to meet her. Plannin on having a housewarming sometime this month so be prepared! LOL Lets get together before then. What is your schedule like?

Gingerlylizzy said...

oh, and I do know how to spell attemPting.

Evonne said...

What cute stuff! I can't wait to pick your brain for ideas soon!

shannon said...

yeah, i love the cake pan and also it looked like it turned out perfectly! love the first halloween big is it?

marta said...

cute.. i've wanted to see what that looks like in real life. so sweet. thanks for posting the photos!!!

Chelsea said...

Shannon, the sign is 9"x9" and the picture area is 4x6-ish. :)