Wednesday, September 19, 2007


A mouse has been leaving little droppings in our linen closet the past few weeks and I kept telling Ryan we had a little mouse guest. He wasn't convinced because they were smaller poops and said he's seen bugs leave those before...yeah! in PORTUGAL.

So tonight when I got home from my cooking class, I saw this lil mouse-atouille hanging out in the hall. EEEK! I remained calm long enough to grab the heaviest thing I could find to contain him - a 2 gallon glass jar.

If he wasn't so cute, he'd have been dead by now. Think Ryan will be convinced it was a mouse, yet?

****update**** I think the mouse was *stoned* from the pest control guy coming the week before, which would explain why the little thing didn't MOVE an inch when my hyperactive pup crossed his path and when I put the jar over him. We have a glue trap and a more humane plastic trap/contraption where we found the first droppings, so hopefully, mr. mouse was alone.


Gingerlylizzy said...

Oh Chelsea! We had that problem where we lived before - yikes! Lets hope he is a lone mouse! LOL

Evonne said...

Poor, poor you. I seriously am TERRIFIED of the things. We got them in our old house (it's OLD - like over 100 years) and I wanted to move out immediately. Just beware - I hear where there is one mouse, there are 10 more to follow. I'd set traps right away. Or, just invest in lots of beautiful glass jars! :)

the keele's said...

i would not have stayed calm. good job. seriously good job. i freek out with a spider. a mouse would kill me.