Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ellie's last feature

So, I think this is my last post about my newest niece Ellie, but I had to share these pictures Hillary had done with her.

Hillary and the kids came up for Conference Weekend (basically, my whole family was here, minus my brother-in-law) and she got some newborn shots of Ellie. Her BFF Wendy had a baby 2 weeks after Ellie so they both had pictures done by one of Wendy's friends. Look how cute Ellie is:


Gingerlylizzy said...

Those are beautiful! And the cooking/crafts? You get more Martha every day! I envy... I would LOVE the recipe for those sugar cookies :)

Jeppsen Family said...

those pictures are precious! Those moments captured are priceless.

shannon said...

darling, and i love that you post them for her!

mmclinger said...

Chels hi, its so funny for me to think of us as grown up working on starting our families. Hillary's little girl is so cute! Quit worrying about starting your family it took Micah and I 4 yrs ans more miscarriages then I would like to talk about then one day it just clicked I am sure it will for you soon. Your are going to make such a good mom your so creative! One day I hope to be more like you!