Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A few more projects

I saw this idea from someone else, but they actually embellished their letters and it's not the style of our front room, so I thought, oh, I can do different shades of gray and black and possibly use a few rub-on swirlies. As you can see, I opted to keep them simple and clean-lined in black. At first I thought I had too many letters, but after I actually laid them out and then hung them, I think it's just the right amount. I'd even venture to say there is room for a couple more.

I ordered them from Say It With Letters and while the quality is always great, they took FOREVER to get to me (like, 3 times the estimated time given). However the chick that does them is currently on bedrest, pregnant with twins, so it's understandable...I just wish I would have known how flippin long it'd be before I could start working on them. (pardon the rant)

A few weeks ago I was at the Holy Cow Boutique (shouldn't that be Moo-tique?) and there was a vendor selling cute lil clips like these. The idea isn't unique, I've seem them popping up everywhere, but I wasn't too impressed with the ribbon selection of her clips so I bought a pair of the cutest ones and used them as the example for my own. These are a couple I made.

I think I've made about a dozen pair thus far and I love them because they hold my hair really well.

If anyone wants any, let me know. I'm charging $3 a pair (time, cost, etc.). I realize you can make your own for less than that, however it's worth the time you'll save. Believe me.


Natalie said...

The letters are cool! I never would have thought of doing something like that. I like them all in black, too :)

Can you do those clips for baby hair?

Chelsea said...

totally. the clips are actually meant for baby hair, but i decided to wear them. I wasn't sure if they'd keep my hair in place, but they work like a charm. I think it'd be so cute if I had them in a mini size, but I've searched everywhere and they just don't manufacture clips of the size I want.

Chelsea said...

okay, they're not meant for baby hair, but if you see anyone selling them, they've targeted them to kids and babies.

Jeppsen Family said...

can you take a picture of you wearing them...i wanna see what it looks like in your hair :)