Saturday, June 21, 2008

More Thrifty Finds

After I dropped Ryan off at work today I headed to DI to see if I could find any cool dessert plates.

Well, I couldn't, but what I DID find were components to make one.

Here's what I started with:

I can't figure out if that squatty lil number was a candleholder or an unusual egg cup.

So then the question was how should I put them together? This way

or this way?

I ended up going with the second way. A simple $0.97 epoxy (that's dishwasher safe!) and it's good to go 30 minutes later. Each piece was $0.50, so I spent a total of $2 on this project. Steal!

I picked up this frame for $2:

And with these trusty tools

I turned it into this

as inspired by this.

I'm not sold on the paper/pattern, but it'll do until I find a replacement.


shannon said...

love the DI time you're there, see if they have a power wheels for me!

Evonne said...

Oh I love the treat plate! I need to frequent my DI more often - without kids.

Evonne said...

Oh, and I'd love to borrow your cake pan, but Hayden's birthday is the middle of August and I think you'll be gone by then, right? Don't move, k? :)

Adam & Rebekah Forgie said...

I have craft envy. Chelsea, you are amazing at this. You should be on some design show on HGTV or something.

Gingerlylizzy said...

You are so darn crafty and creative! Love the cake stand (I need to get one of those) and the photo frame/sillouettes!

Thanks for your encouragement :) I will welcome a visit from you anytime. With or without treats!