Monday, June 09, 2008

It's been awhile

I looked over my last few posts and realized they are completely devoid of personal updates, so here we go, in one big long entry.

First, we've found out when school starts for Ryan, so we're planning on moving on Friday, August 1st. Yippee! The closer it gets the more excited I become. I'm having a lot of fun looking for houses. We're flying out there July 12th and have until the 15th to find a house and make an offer on one (or *gasp* find a place to rent...really hope we don't have to!). Which means we'll have to rush the closing dates, etc.

Second, we've been trying to conceive for a year now, obviously without luck. Last month I got a prescription for Clomid and now I'm using an ovulation predictor kit to figure out when my body decides to have an LH Surge. I haven't been ovulating at all, so maybe this will do something to jump start the process. Wish us luck!

hmmm...what else. Oh yes. My youngest brother just graduated from High School! It's really weird to think about my brothers all done with school, especially since Ryan still has siblings in elementary school. And my brothers are tall and handsome. Lucky boys! (and lucky future sisters-in-law).

Also, my Sister-in-law, Jani, is leaving on her mission to Chile this Wednesday. We went up to South Jordan yesterday for a huge get together. There were probably 50 people there. She gave a fabulous talk in Sacrament and I really think she's going to do many great things. She's one of those people whose personalities will take them far. She's an overachiever and it makes me crazy! (in a good way).

Saturday I got the urge to look for vintage pillowcases at DI, so headed to Provo, then figured I'd hit the American Fork DI. You would think the Provo one is way too picked over, however, not the case. There are many more treasures there than in AF.

I grabbed these awesome milkglass vases - the first of my (very) small collection.

Then I found this stack of overlooked Martha Stewart Baby magazine issues. If you remember, I paid retail for them, plus shipping. These were MUCH more affordable. Look how cute these ideas are! The projects are mostly on, but I LOVE the fact they're organized in one easy-to-find place for me. Plus, you can't search by magazine issues on the MS site. They should make that possible.

And this one issue of Martha Stewart Kids.

I'm keeping the ones I didn't have and the rest will shortly be on eBay. If you want them, search for Martha Stewart Baby or click here!

I also found this pie dish. It's nothing special, just a bit nostalgic for me. Growing up my mom has always had two of these pie pans but for Pumpkin Pie and Strawberry Pie. I don't know if they were ever actually used, but my mom's specialty is her cheesecake and my maiden name is Watkins, so it was an homage to nostalgia. And it was only $2. Love me some DI.

Ryan brought me home roses and a Dr. Pepper and Diet Dr. Pepper on our anniversary. It was reminiscent of our first date. He's romantic in his own way and I love him for it.

I'm one lucky girl.


exclusive_remedy said...

You are too cute! And awesome! Gotta love ya!

shannon said...

LOVE, LOVE that cheesecake plate. it's super amazing! and GO STUART...i still can't believe that he's graduated!

shannon said...

ps...keep me updated with your clomid experience...i hope you do okay with it!