Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mantle Help

This is what our mantle looks like:

I'd like to have a grouping of three something-or-other on the right side. I've been looking for little pine trees that I could have there year-round, but the gentleman at the nursery said they wouldn't really thrive indoors and I'd be lucky if they lived a year. Boo.

Then I realized I could make something myself out of moss, foam, a few floral pins, and a pretty container. Something along the lines of this:
Now, I just have to find the containers and I'd be set. They're proving to be the most difficult to locate around here, so I'm adding Tai Pan Trading to my list of places to stop at while we're in SLC for the holidays {along with Costco for some uncooked tortillas}.

What say ye? Any other suggestions instead?


Becca said...

Did you look at Hobby Lobby? In my experience you can find anything at Hobby Lobby.

You could use fruit (real or plastic). Get silver, or some coordinating stands of different sizes of course and put pretty pears up there. I also like the colored marbles in vases thing.

But I am not one for giving advice, right now i have drying out flowers, a red plastic piggy bank, and things Alice should not touch like my wallet on the mantle.

Audrey said...

i saw uncooked tortillas at the grocery store here - fry's, which is kroger in texas and smith's in utah...don't know if they have an equivalent in kansas though :)

hillary said...

you're going to take uncooked tortillas back to ks? btw, you can buy them at local places. i get mine at walmart.

Chelsea said...

Rebecca - yes, Hobby Lobby was a let down. I was there yesterday looking specifically for containers and they didn't have them. I'm not a huge fan of the marbles idea, but I would love to have vases up there. Unfortunately, the mantle isn't really wide enough to put a variety of them up there.

Audrey - They don't have them locally here. I tried walmart already. Then again, there aren't really any little tiendas I could go to, either. Ryan and I decided they only have them in areas with a large hispanic presence. We don't have a ton of hispanics here...in fact, most lawncare people are white. We have a healthy mix of blacks and whites.

Hillary - ditto to above, and yes, it will be winter-time and nice and cold. We're taking the rodeo with us so we should have room for our little ice chest.

Becka Dietrich said...

What about some vases or containers that you can change out depending on the season (pinecones, fruit, seashells, ornaments). I'm imagining something similar to a trifle bowl. Just an idea.
PS - I'm listening to Louis XVI and thought of you

exclusive_remedy said...

I love your little photoshop version of the trees - maybe you could just do a large scale printout and then have little cardboard cutouts of those trees? No? Just a thought. :D

Dan & Casey Ritter said...

you better let us know when you are coming to Utah!!!! we have to see you guys. It's been too long. :)