Monday, September 14, 2009

What I've Been Up To

There are those days where you feel like crawling back under the covers and going back to sleep. Then there are those days when you get out of bed at an unusually early time and you go-go-go all day long. That was me today. I felt productive and it felt great. Although my idea of 'productive' involved a lot of driving to and fro, the house is still picked up {mostly} and there are just a few dishes in the sink, all from dinner tonight. I even managed to fit in a trip to the movie theater.

So instead of ending another post picture-less, I'll show you some scans of a couple books I found at a recent estate sale.

This one is called Ice Cream is Good, by Lois Lenski. It was commissioned by the National Dairy Council in the late 1940s. It's an actual children's picture book {32 pages is the standard length of a picture book} but it's teeny tiny and in paper.

Obviously, I'm not putting the whole thing up because it would be an obnoxiously long post, but I will also add the second book by Lois Lenski that the National Dairy Council commissioned as a follow up. This one is called My Friend the Cow. It's really cute and shows the process of milk's journey from the farm to your table.

I ended up with a little stack of each, so a few will undoubtedly find themselves available for others.

Tomorrow I'll aim to take pictures of the latest finds and finish the post I started last week from the flea market.


hillary said...

a stack of each? i want a cow one!

Becka Dietrich said...

I love that everyone in the 1940s had overly plucked eyebrows. If it weren't for the book, I wouldn't have known that. I love the colors - they look really vibrant for 60 years old.

Chelsea said...

these ones are from the 60s i think. But still, pretty awesome