Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wall Color Indecision

We have two colors: Smoke vs Gray Owl. Both are awesome {because I picked them} and they'll be going in our house, but I can't decide which room to use which in. The blue-ish one is Smoke, and Gray Owl looks more cream in this picture than it will after primer and 2 coats. So here's the question: Smoke in the master bedroom or Gray Owl?

Saturation is a little off in the one above.
This is Smoke:

This is Gray Owl:

ANNNNDDDDD....tonight we ventured to Costco {I didn't used to be this excited about Costco, but it didn't used to be FORTY minutes to the closest one, either.} and look what I found!

I love pretty much any BBC Series and I really wish I had access to more of them. Even better, I paid less than $19 for it. Another 6-hr dvd to become obsessed is goooood.

Finally, I found a place for my little boy silhouette. My wall is coming along. The brown at the bottom of the picture is one of the many un-hung pictures/frames/mirrors. Maybe I should do something about that.


Micah and Melinda said...

ok I am thinking the blueish one in the master, I am biased blue is my fav color! Although, blue is a calming color too much can make you well blue so if you do blue put enough other color so you aren't sad in the room all the magic is supposed to happen! I know I'm a dork!

Becca said...

I love Crandor too! Ok, like most TV I saw part of the series, missed part and forgot about it. What can I say, not the most devoted to any TV show. But for less than $20 I might have to see the rest of it. I wonder how much of that money PBS actually sees.

As for paint color...well I have a lavender back door. In a town where red and blue are the way to go, but purple is very taboo. I prefer the gray owl because its a warmer tone, and sometimes cool gray colors look like cement. So romantic.

Vicki said...

Ooh, definitely the Smoke color. It is relaxing to the point of feeling a spa retreat. Who doesn't want their room to feel that way? Miss you, Chels!

Ashley Trunnell said...

I like the smoke color as well.

I wish I could have made it to craft day, but I will be there next month!