Thursday, March 10, 2011

Every SuperGirl Needs a Disguise

But really, there's no question about the identity of the owner of this one!

My niece Ellie, who turned 3 last week, has started running around with a fist in the air and shouting, "SUPERGIRL!"
I quickly volunteered to make her a superhero outfit for her birthday {Hillary was going to buy one off Etsy for her, otherwise} and knew she'd need at least a cape and a mask.

And a crown just seemed like a good idea.

Well, I got the cape made and then sorted out the crown{s}.
I made two: one for when the first one gets broken.
{they're paper mache/chipboard}

I work best with deadlines, so Monday night I got all the finishing touches worked out, got everything ready to mail the next morning and went to bed.

*forehead slapping moment*

I FORGOT TO MAKE A MASK. Oh.bloody.hell.

First thing Tuesday morning I turn on my Silhouette, search for a mask design, and use freezer paper as a template - it's the BEST thing ever for knit or difficult-to-work-with fabric. I was able to bang it out in about an hour and some change.
I didn't have a template for the cape and just guessed proportions for both the cape and the mask.
I hope they fit!

Now I'm just waiting for a picture of the birthday girl in her disguise.

Also, I can't believe how long it took to make the freaking cape. Seriously, I question people who make them on Etsy to sell. Because that means they actually ENJOY making them. Crazies. I would have to charge $50 to justify the amount of time and quarters I had to put in the swear jar. And I'm not soliciting. I really don't want to make another one for a loooong time..


laura said...


you're seriously so talented! your niece is one lucky little girl!

Amy Shupe said...

Oh my gosh that is so cute. I seriously want!

hillary said...

She looks {SUPER} in it! :D Someday I'll update my blog & put a {SUPER} cute picture of her wearing her new {SUPER} girl cape! Love you!