Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Quick Gift for a New Mom

Have a friend with a new baby? Of course you do, it's Spring and baby season.

I like to bring a gift the first time I go and visit the new little family. Usually I bring something for the baby, but this time I figured something for the mom would be more practical, especially since I haven't found a little outfit that I love. {unbelievable, I know!}
I went with Hyacinths. A potted flower is the perfect gift! If you choose flowers, select something just about to bloom, not at the height of flowering. It will be prettier to look at just a little bit longer!

If you want to make a sweet gift even sweeter, add a cute little pennant flag.
To make it even cuter, welcome the new baby!


Alicia said...

What a sweet gift...and the pennant flags? Eesh, those are cute. :)

Off to UT with us for a few days...but then when are we hanging out again? Post-haste!

Cait said...

LOVE IT! And Hyacinths smell so good too! Your friend will be super grateful I'm sure!

Chelsea said...

Cait - she was! Unbeknownst to me, they are her FAVORITE flowers!

Erin_Skidmore said...


Ashley Lauren Trunnell said...

I was super grateful... especially since they happen to be my favorite spring flower. Never underestimate how much someone appreciates a potted plant.

Me said...

Love this!!!! A great idea.