Sunday, May 20, 2007


I got the coolest stuff in the mail the other day. (I've been a little out of control...dunno why..) First, I got a few of these: Cup-a-Cake Cupcake holders! They're actually cheaper ordering directly from the manuf's site here. I got a set of four. I'm sad they don't make a whole carrier of 12 like this. How awesome would that be for transporting...But my obsession with cupcakes started with this blog: CupCakeBlog.

I also got a shipment of paper mache fun. I've mentioned my box project (waiting for the special order of paper to come in) and I had to have a minimum order of $100, so I got these fun 18" stars. You might be wondering what i'll do with them...but i have a plan! Around christmas time, they are going to be sooo incredibly festive and make everything dazzle. Who knows? Maybe I'll drill a hole in the bottom and make one a christmas tree topper.

I've also been up to my elbows in which Ryan gave me some new rules. When you bake and when you craft...clean up ALL evidence. Nothing must remain!
That's going to be tough, but for his sanity, probably something I should be more consciencious of.
Here are the fru-eets of my labor: