Sunday, May 27, 2007

~I want this house~

Ryan's been looking more at schools for his PhD and I've fallen in love with this house in Greeley Colorado (University of Northern Colorado), even though I haven't seen the inside, Ryan agrees it's pretty awesome looking from the outside and would be fun to have a charming old house like that.

It's too damn bad we won't be moving this fall for school, but really, it's such a blessing. Our house value should increase with UVU coming next July and if we don't sell before we've occupied for two years, we'll get out without having to pay property gains taxes. Hoo-rah!

Bless Ry's heart - he's agreed we can get a fixer-upper if I can prove to him that I can finish projects I start: refinishing the chairs, the dresser, etc.

On a more positive note(and completely off subject): Ryan's car issue is almost resolved!! We won the war with Parts4Less in Tucson and they arranged pick up of the lemon engine they sent us FIVE MONTHS AGO. So we don't have to pay for a piece of shite and worry about it ruining the rest of his car. We've been paying 5 months for a car we haven't been driving and we'll finally be able to get his car back. My car is paid off now and we're thinking of trading it in and getting something more dependable (Honda, Toyota, ya know).

Even though we're inactive heathens, Heavenly Father is blessing us and things are getting straightened out.

Now pray for me that I can stop hating my job (not the office itself - love it).

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Gingerlylizzy said...

Okay, seriously, I love those boxes that you decoupaged... would you be willing to make some custom ones for my photography? Say ones that a newborn could fit on top of?

You have talent girl...