Monday, May 21, 2007

Luckiest 11-yr Old

My youngest brothers-in-law are only 10 (Ben) and 11 (Joey) and are quite fun to hang out with. Ryan called me on Thursday and said, "Wanna hear something hilarious?" Um...yes...

"Joey won a car." WHAT?!

Entered his name at the Scout-O-Rama last weekend. The lady said they probably had about 20,000 entries and Joey's name was the first one drawn. WHO THE HECK WINS A JEEP?

We all kept it a secret from him until the BSA could arrange to present it to him at school. Here are a few pictures of him after he walked out and found out he won (oh, btw, he had a ton of new 'best friends'). Doesn't that smile look like the happiest boy in the world? Lucky bastard.


Natalie said...

Too bad he can't drive it for 5 years. :)

Looks like you've been busy, too. Cute stuff!!

Ginger said...

What a lucky dude!