Wednesday, May 09, 2007


So I got the dishes done but not the laundry. Who's surprised? (I don't see any hands up)

I moved all of my crafts into the spare room (hoo-rah for moi) and now have to find a little workspace I can use in there. I'll be keeping my eye on craigslist.

Sidenote: Wendy's commercial on right now...the dude in it is the main actor from Saints and Soldiers...he's moved up quickly...too bad, he's not a bad looking dude.

And here are pictures of my recipe box. They're not that good because I'm still trying to figure out my camera and all its little settings.


shannon said...

that is so damn cute! (can i say damn?) that's really the only word to describe it. and are TOTALLY crafty and i love your ETSY store. we are going to see your sister next weekend and i can't wait!

Chelsea and Ryan said...

Yes, you can say damn. And thanks!

Have fun in AZ, but don't melt!!

the keele's said...

THANKS, for the info. i know i can't prevent them anymore BOO HOO! anyways this doesnt go with your post but im just replying haha. i do baby lotion and it feels way good but i will do maderma as well...... WE NEED TO HANG OUT SOMETIME YA KNOW!!!

the keele's said...

Why the heck cant i be creative like this. it really isnt that hard is it. it just takes time right? and i have all the time in the world right now. what the heck. HELP ME I WANT TO BE CREATIVE TOO!