Friday, January 25, 2008

Before and After (and a little more)


This is our old entertainment center

This is our new one. Makes the room seem so much bigger (and more bare, actually...hmmm)

aren't they lovely floors?

new entertainment center - we're working on getting a piece of carpeting bound to cozy up the floor by the couch.

the living room

from the hall

I overproofed a batch of cinnamon rolls on Wednesday night and my bowl wasn't big enough. This was the mess I found when I went to add the last cup of flour:

Also, Tuesday afternoon one of my coworkers came inside with this monstrosity of an icicle he chopped down:

Okay, all for now. Kronk out.


Leah Marie said...

The floor looks FANTASTIC!

shannon said...

the floor looks awesome! totally worth all the work for it to look like that. and suck about your oven!

Marie said...

Very nice floors! I'm sooo jealous!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope to see you back.

Kristin said...

It really does look larger. I love your couch! And the is a big icicle!!