Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Time to Update

I'm tired of looking at the picture of the tree so I figured I'd update.

I didn't make any resolutions this year. I'm hoping just to be more neat and clean and declutter - but I'm not making a resolve.

I realized I didn't do much of a Christmas recap: It was fun. There. Done.

Christmas Eve Ryan worked until 11pm, which is fine by me. Nothing really too exciting happening. With my parents spending Christmas in UT this year I got to hang out with my brothers and dad while my mom and Tara were up in SLC doing something or other; shopping is my guess.

So Christmas we spent with my in-laws in South Jordan - who still have a 10 yr-old. So our day started QUITE early. I woke up around 5am so I could curl my hair and get ready for the day and woke up Ryan around 5:30 so we could leave at 5:45. We probably should have left sooner. The snow was HORRIBLE and since it was so early in the morning and Christmas, for that matter, we were the first ones to make tracks in the freshly fallen snow. I don't think we went above 40 mph until we left Utah County - and that's in a 4-wheel drive vehicle!

Everyone was up and waiting for us when we got there just before 7am (it took us an hour to get there - usually is 30 min door-to-door) and then we did the normal gift opening and lounging and caught a movie at 2pm.

Good day. We got home around 9 pm and just did nothing. My parents came by around 10:30ish so we visited with them a bit and went through this awesome 72-hr emergency kit my mom & dad gave us for Christmas. They spent a few weeks gathering everything and putting it together. Anyone that knows my mom knows she travels with everything (including the kitchen sink) so it's quite an awesome backpack chock full of anything you could need.

I got Ryan Guitar Hero 3 and we've been playing it since. I got these awesome books for Christmas that I asked for:

I'm excited to start making projects from them. I'm going to clean up my spare room this week for my mom to stay with us for the weekend but also just to reorganize all my supplies (i have tons).

We're also going to tackle my floor laying project, I'm hoping. Cross your fingers. I'll take pictures of the befores and afters.

Also, one of my bestest friends is going to be in town this weekend. It's going to be a busy busy weekend.

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Evonne said...

Ohhhhhh those books look fun! Can't wait to see how the floors turn out!