Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm Tired

My mom has been such a saving grace for this flooring project, I tell you. (it's not finished and we're running into so many problems it's starting to get funny) She and Ryan have been such troopers - I, on the otherhand, have had enough of everything.

I think really I'm just ready to be creative. I'm ready to set my own hours and make pretty and useful things. I'm ready to make my house a home. I am ready to be a mom, dang it.

Ryan's heading to Nebraska on Thursday evening. He has his first grad school interview Friday and we're crossing our fingers. Pray for us - I think I have a few things to start fasting about! This is the number 3 school in the nation for his program. The cost of living is significantly less there, meaning I could probably stay at home and start being a stay at home wife, if we can buy a multi-plex and rent out the other units, fixing one up at a time. (sorry for the terrible grammar -I'm not in the mood to think about what I type)

I have so many projects on my to-do list. Ryan commented the other day when I told him about said list that there's not enough time in my life to do everything I want to do. I have ambitious dreams but they rarely get passed that. Although, I think my problem is that I get bored of one thing easily and jump from project to project. Etsy's been great for that. If I want to sew one say or papercraft the next, who cares?! It makes me happy just to be creating.

Okay, this post really makes no sense and has no connecting points, but oh well. That's how my mind is today.

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Natalie said...

Good luck getting a lot of crafty-time in when you have a baby, though. I have a hard time getting it in and I have a GOOD baby! :) It helps to have things that you can leave quickly and come back to later.

And Nebraska's really far away. Good luck with the interview, though. My fingers are crossed, too!