Monday, January 14, 2008

Still Not There Yet

So, as many days as we've been working (or attempting to work)on this silly floor project, it's still not quite finished. My cousin got baptized early saturday morning (who schedules baptisms for 8:45?!) and then afterward we all went to aunt lorie and uncle brian's for a lunch of sorts - she has THE most delicious recipe for chicken and wild rice soup - and then we were going to get started on our floor. Well, Ryan and I headed back here and waited a few minutes and then decided to take a little nap since neither of us had gotten much sleep the night before. The next thing I know I'm being jolted awake from the sound of the kitchen table ends slamming together as Ryan carries it into our bedroom. He's starting the demolition process.

Needless to say, it doesn't look as complicated as it really is. We have this little alcove area that had to be fitted first and between dealing with bowed and uneven walls and working in a small space, we're halfway there.

I haven't been much help, really. I'm the foreman-ish and my mom is co-foreman and she and ryan are the muscle. My dad is the errand boy - running to this and that store for a widget or a gadget - and yesterday I made the meals (I made rolls/biscuits again to which I've renamed Riscuits because of their likeness to both breads) and for breakfast we have cinnamon rolls.

Sidenote: need to call my HOA and complain about a certain lack of ice/snow removal. Saturday night my dad was in the parking lot and the whole thing was a sheet of ice. He slipped and fell and my mom seriously thought he'd get up with a cracked head because of the sound his head made as it hit the asphalt. He's fine, but has an ongoing massive headache and a few bruises on his backside. We woke him every few hours for concussion watch.

K, so here are a BUNCH of pictures.

This is our gross nasty carpet. It's riddled with stains much like this.

Ryan starting to pull up the carpet for demolition

Puppers watching avidly and not really knowing what's going on.

All carpet ripped up and a layer of Underlayment taped into place to prevent moisture from the concrete seeping up and ruining our floor.

hallway - residiual glue from carpet pad

Thunder again in the midst of the excitement

the first bits of flooring - hooray! this took way longer than you would think. The bay was such a booger

the MUSCLE - their pay is a meal of pot roast and roasted vegetables

the mess that still remains - my mom's saws and air compressor - brooms, scrapers, and the like

As I'm blogging Ryan's scraping the rest of the linoleum in the kitchen and we'll be moving the fridge and oven out today to get the floor in the kitchen. I've got to hop in the shower so I can be of some help today.

More pictures later.


shannon said...

oh, i feel your pain...we lived like that for almost a MONTH! i could have died!

Dani said...

WOW...speaking of remodeling! We thought about doing the pergo (is that what it is...looked like it) where all of the tile currently is, but we decided to save that project for another decade! Isn't house work so fun?! btw...good to hear from you!