Sunday, May 03, 2009


We seem to have ants EVERYWHERE. I woke up on Friday morning and there was a little one crawling on my cell phone (which is what I use for my alarm). The night before I smashed two that were crawling on the wall behind our bed. Ew.

Thursday morning Ryan said there were 15-20 on his bathroom counter and Friday afternoon I had probably over 100 on my vanity. Double Ew.

Wait - there's more. Friday night they were crawling up the door frame between our bedroom and bathroom. That's it! No more! So off to Walmart (a new one by us just opened! hooray for close convenience! - although, it's a weird walmart - looks really big but something about it makes it seem really small. Like 3/4 the size of a normal one.) to purchase ant killer.

I found both traps and spray. I don't like the traps and don't recommend wasting your money like I did. These ants are too small to get into the little plastic trap and eat the poison to take back to their nest. The spray is fab. It says it will last 4 mos and kills the little buggers on contact. It's true, it does.

So now we face the task of spraying every nook and cranny in our house. I'm most concerned about upstairs. Friday night I crawled into bed around 2am. Ryan had almost been asleep at that point. I felt something crawling on my chest and realized it was an ant. EWWWWW. Once you feel something like that and KNOW there are ants, you can't do anything BUT have the heebs. So I turned on my bedside lamp, waking up Ryan in the process, and found another crawling on our bed and one IN MY SHIRT. Panic mode

What are we going to do?! Well, for starters, I sprayed awesome killer along the baseboard on my side of the bed. Sweet. Step in the right direction.

In the short term we moved the bed away from the wall. If that didn't solve it, I was going to sleep on the couch. After 15 min I fell asleep, but I dreamt of ants. Twisted, huh?

So, long story long, ants come inside after the rain. It's gross, but at least they're teeny tiny and kill easily. Now we know and can spray 3 times a year to keep it from happening.

{also, this is funny, but Ryan claims he can smell them. I think he has a phantom smell issue, cuz ants aren't the only thing he claims to smell when no one else does.}


Karen Ruth said...

I'm gonna have to side with Ryan...ants definitely have a distinct smell to them. And it is disgusting.

Becca said...

Daniel has issues with ants. Its thanks to his mission I think. They had ant issues, to the point where they would get in food and stuff.

Last spring we left for a week to Utah, and came back to a house COVERED in ants. Lets just say, we left a bowl upstairs and they found it. Once we got back, I removed the bowl, and we got some bug spray and though it helped, Daniel was skittish until winter. This year we bought a big pump bottle of the home defense stuff and sprayed the baseboards around the edge of the house, as well as the foundation outside. So far, its been successful.

Becka Dietrich said...

I thought you could put peppermint oil on a cottonball and that would deter them from entering. That sucks that they were in bed with you... gross!