Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Long Time Coming

Shoes here on sale and match perfectly! {ooooh! they come in brown and wide width...those WILL be mine.}

First, the skirt I mentioned. It took me a little too long, but it was a good learning experience. I based it off of this gorgeous creation from Katie did. I wish I had her 5yr old's figure. At least the part where she's cute and skinny and has no hips. I wish it had been more of an exact copy of hers. I would love all those different colors. But this fit the bill and I got many compliments {from strangers} while at the Temple on Friday morning. And we all know I do things for validation. Wait, you didn't know that? Now you do. Cuz I do.

I washed it last night when we got home.

{We had the best intentions of making it to church this morning, but I guess with the hectic week we've had, our bodies told us differently. Well, that and we forgot to set alarms.}

So I pulled this out and let it air-dry. This afternoon when we dragged ourselves out of bed {me a few hours before Ryan} I looked at the state of the skirt - shredded on the inside. I should have done top stitching on all of the seams. It would have given it a completely different look but I wouldn't have had to restitch a few of the panels {oddly enough, only the Kona Cotton solid...what I got from Sarah's wasn't Kona. Interesting, no?} this afternoon.

I made this headband to match. It's from a gerbera daisy I picked up at walmart. I cut the petals down about 50%. It gave it a wild, rugged flower look {and less of a baby-headband look}. I pulled out the plastic center and wired what remained to the headband. To finish off the wire, and avoid loose sharp ends, I added 5 fresh water pearl beads into the center and tucked the wire underneath. It matched perfectly :)

Also, I made this mobile based on this Martha creation. So cute, right?! I have all the stuff done for a second one, save for gluing on the leaves. And I need to replace the white thread I used to hang the birds with nylon fishing line. Then it will go in one of the spare rooms.

Next on my list - cleaning up my craft room and putting together baby shower invites {they're adorable. I got them printed prof. and I am so happy with them--plus, they weren't expensive at all}.


Miss-tearious said...

Cute, cute, cute!! Everything on this post is so cute! I love the color of the shoes and the skirt is adorable. The color of the shoes is one of my favorites, too! I have a shirt about that color, but rarely wear it because I'm too chubby for it now. But it's still one of my favorite colors.

And I think I saw that Martha Stewart thing, but I can't be sure.

Miss-tearious said...

PS - I have a jealousy/hatred for those kinds of shoes. Because I can't wear them!!!!!

Evie B. said...

I love the skirt! Do you have a pattern to share? I totally want to make me one...or two...or three for the summer. I need a choose your length kind of skirt - not a fan of the legs this year. *blech*

Glad you had fun!

Ashley Lauren Trunnell said...

The skirt turned out fabulous! And those shoes are gorgeous! It looks like you had a really cute outfit for the wedding. All of your crafts are just so cute. So, I ordered a sewing machine this weekend! Maybe we could find some projects to do and work through them together?? I'm definitely excited.

Natalie said...

that mobile just might be my reason for living! so good!