Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wedding Week

Ryan's brother James is getting married this Friday! With wedding colors chosen I went to work to find a skirt or dress for myself for the ocassion - with no luck.


So I saw a cute skirt on a blog {I'll add a link when I post mine} and thought, I could make that. I could make that 'me'-sized.

So that's what I have been doing. Drama-rama. I gathered all my fabrics. I went with a simple cotton solid in 3 different colors that I'd be alternating. I washed, dried, ironed them all. I cut the ivory, I cut the peach, I went to cut the pink. {her colors are ivory and coral and I couldn't find ANY coral that I liked so i figured a mix of peach and pink equals coral}

The pink has a white sun-bleach line through it. The whole yard. Not only on the fold but also where it wrapped around the bolt. shooot. It was Sunday so I had to wait until yesterday to go get some replacement pink. Well, that didn't happen. The whole bolt was sunfaded on the line. That bolt and any other colors remotely similar I would have chosen. So instead I gathered a pepto-bismal pink bolt and a ballerina pink bolt of fabric in my arms and I'd make it work. Wrong. It's all wrong. I washed, dried, ironed both of them and cut into one. It's so loud! much too bright for the look I'm going for. Le sigh.

So I went to Sarah's Fabrics on Mass a few minutes ago and finally found a couple that are perfect! So perfect, in fact, that I wish I would have used both of them instead of the peach I already have sewn in place.

They're currently in the washer-soon-to-be-dryer stage and I'll have to hurry and sew it up lickety-split tonight after I get home from the gym. Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to post the picture of a finished skirt.

It will have to be done tomorrow. We leave at 4:30am on Thursday morning.

Wish me luck! It's a busy week!


exclusive_remedy said...

You can do it! You are awesome! Not to mention, it really doesn't take that long once you have everything - which it sounds like you finally do. Enjoy your trip!

Heidi said...

i LOVE sarah's! it saved my wedding dress that otherwise would've had tablecloth-esque lace on the bodice. yay for sarah's! and... good luck! i'm sure you'll look gorgeous.

Micah and Melinda said...

What a woman... hows the Gym going as soon as we get rid of our colds we are joining Golds (ahh Daycare, I will live at the Gym) I can't wait to see your skirt and I am sorry you had a butt of a time finding the right none faded color (i love your determination) i would have given up and wore funeral black! (thats right life of the party over here)

Tara said...

No wonder you haven't been online lately! I had no idea you were heading to Utah!