Saturday, May 02, 2009

Saturday with the Alexanders

We're kind of boring, Ryan and I. We slept in until 9:30/10 this morning. I had to set my alarm to get up and even snoozed it. Twice. Sad, huh? Or jealous? And the only reason I HAD to get up is because an eBay auction for a replacement iPod was ending (it's miiineee! I sniped it with 3 seconds left and out-sniped 3 other people...teeehee). And we're heading to the gym in 10 min.

Last night we went out by ourselves. Usually we go to dinner with friends on Friday and/or Saturday night but we didn't plan anything and ended up catching a late movie.

Has anyone else seen Ghosts of GF Past yet? Didn't it seem like it should have come out around Christmas time? Granted, had there not been any snow it would have been fine, too. But Ryan felt out of place in a theater full of girls. There was maybe 1 boy for every 10 girls, if that.

But the promise of movie theater popcorn and a gallon of soda and there we were at 9:55pm (I told you it was a late movie!).

This week has been really weird. I've just not been myself. I'm guessing the dismal prospect of another day of rain didn't help, but overall I've been feeling like garbage. I took yesterday afternoon off because I felt so terrible and just wanted to go back to bed.

Anyways, not to end of a sour note, so here's something positive! I went to a couple of yard sales this week and found some pretty dang awesome treasures. Some of them need cleaning up and another (in the running for my favorite of the bunch) needs a wee bit of a makeover (it's a yo-yo pillow of silk ribbons and satin backing that once had old old lace which I already tore off. The satin back and stuffing are going to be replaced for health reasons) but after that's done I'll take a picture or something.

Today might be 'clean up the garage' day for me. Sooooo....I might have a huge pile of stuff to get rid of soon.

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Becca said...

I just did that too. Gave away some house furniture, moved some garage stuff in, and am now cleaning everything via my new steam cleaning machine that I might have to blog about. If I had got it before I gave away stuff I might have been able to sell it. Oh well.