Friday, August 21, 2009

Fabulous Friday Find

So...I didn't actually find this today. I found it yesterday. And I keep thinking today is Saturday. Calendars are for working people, apparently.
It had to have been lovingly cared for by Brian or Brian's parents, because it's in such great condition.

I almost didn't get it yesterday but it was the sole item purchased at a 'huge garage and barn sale' that wasn't so huge and it was a short drive out of town. But everyone knows how much I love the color combination and it was priced a little over just right so I couldn't pass it up.

And now someone else will get to cherish it, too. But until then, I will.

Also, I'm going to a flea market the weekend of Labor Day - it's about 2 hours from Lawrence and I was considering staying the night (Friday night) and coming home late Saturday or late Sunday. Anyone interested? There are two HUGE flea markets about 10 miles apart. I found out about them through Country Living and Better Homes & Gardens me if you're game...girls' weekend!

*update! I called and confirmed dates for the shows - Sparks Antique and Flea is Sept 3-6th, and the White Cloud Flea Market is the 4-6th. I'll probably be going on Friday and Saturday, but if anyone wants to meet up on Saturday, that would be fun!*


Dan & Casey Ritter said...

I wish I could go with you! You find the cutest things! we love and miss you guys!! xoxo

Miss-tearious said...

I wish I could go!!!