Saturday, August 08, 2009

Recent Finds

I love Saturday mornings. I usually get up early and go to yard sales, then swing by the farmer's market before they shut down for the day {at 11am!}. But then by 4 or 5pm I'm ready for a nap.

Today went a little differently. I only scouted out two sales, hit those {found nothing I wanted} and then stopped by the market and was back in bed before 8am. Ryan didn't even know I was gone.

But look at what I did find at the farmer's market this morning.

Isn't the color fabulous! Gladiolas. Priced right at 10/$10. They're a really dark purple color. Very striking.

I put them in a tall vase and arranged them on the table. We finally moved the china hutch back in from the garage this afternoon. While we still have much work to do {that means I have lots to do} to get the house the way we want it, it's coming along quite nicely. The paint and the floors make ALL the difference.
Also, I thought I'd share some other recent finds of mine. These are ones I'm keeping:

{antique nursery planter - baby calf}

{1970s Fisher Price Pocket Radio Music Box}

I know there's more, but I have SO much stuff in the garage to organize back into the hutch. I'll post more goodies as I find them.

Happy Saturday!


Micah and Melinda said...

I love a good find... the planter is so cute, I'd have kept it too!

Miss-tearious said...

I'm so jealous that you have a farmer's market. We have one here, but it's C-R-A-P!

Dani said...

Way to be - I need to do that sometimes...just leave the boys with Jared and go...sounds good to me!!