Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Little Business

Since starting to hock my goods on etsy again, I've found that I've really wanted something to send along with my packages. Normally, I write a cute little note, but I wanted consistency and a more professional look.

So I turned to mpix again and used my smarts to be the most economical. {Also, I'd just received an email from them with a promo code for postcards.}

I received these in the mail today {ordered Monday - they're SUPER fast}:

I'm 99.9% happy with them. I'm sure you can look at them and see what's 'off' quite easily. I had them printed in a 5x7 postcard format.

So I added these other components:
And ended up with these to send along with orders and keep as non-standard size biz cards to hand out if the opportunity ever arises.
The paper is pearl, so it has this fabulously subtle shimmer to it.

I highly recommend mpix. Seriously.


Becka Dietrich said...

Chels, that looks amazing. You are the most crafty and "go-getter" person I know. The cards look so professional, I love everything about them. Great job!

Natalie said...

How fun for you to be back on Etsy!! I love the cards, and your shop looks great :) Good luck!!

Chelsea said...

Thanks, girls! I really enjoy the process, albeit long, especially when it comes to going to yard sales!

Micah and Melinda said...

Yeah!!! you are so stinkin creative!!

Ashley Lauren Trunnell said...

So I got some questions about this whole etsy thing. How did you get a website that matched your store name, and does your store name have to be your user name. I had a really cool store name in mind, but then I can't figure out how to set it up since I already have a user name. So I know this is probably an easy question for you. But seriously... how?