Tuesday, July 10, 2007

'arry Po'ah

Even though I'm not a huge Harry Potter fanatic, I was really excited to get to see this movie...probably because it was before everyone else!

One of the companies my company works with was able to get a VIP preview of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix...I saw it at 3pm today. Kind of sad that people are already lined up for the midnight showing and a whole theater full of people walk on passed them.

Not having read any of the books (yet), I really really enjoyed this movie. I def. recommend seeing it, but leave the little kiddies at home!

4 stars (out of 4) :)


Leah Marie said...

I can't believe you got to see it like 7 hours before me and you haven't even read the book!

It awesome though, yeah??? The best one yet!

hillary said...

Your title looks like you're saying 'Arry Pooh-ah

Chelsea said...

perfect. that's the look i was going for.