Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm an eejit

I'm making (more like covering) this box for my web-friend Liz's photography biz and I got the stuff together last night, measured the paper, and not until i was 2/3rd of the way done covering it did I notice that I covered the wrong one.

There were 3 nesting boxes/totes in this thing and I did the middle size when I measured paper for the large. No wonder the paper was off on the first sheet. sheesh.

it should be cute when it's finished. She does amazing work and will use these for newborn shots and whatnot. SO great.

I also finished my fave blankie so far (i actually have about 6 little ones done) and I haven't decided if i should keep it or just make another one for when the time comes. It's this really cute cotton fabric on the top and I embellished it with some over-sized ricrac, used some warm&natural cotton batting and a deep pink minky on the back. I haven't posted any to my ETSY shop because I can't seem to take decent pics of them. I'll have to do that when I have some decent light, so probably on Saturday. either way, it's sooo cute.


Gingerlylizzy said...

oooooh, they are looking SO CUTE! I can't wait!!! Love that blankie too. I might just have to order some of those from you for my next bebe

Ginger said...

Very cute blanket. I picked up some of the same fabric a couple of years ago at California Kids. It actually was the inspiration that started with Katie's new baby nursery. Well... you know how that turned out-but this fabric always reminded me of Baskin Robbins ice cream. It's great to fabric for a boy or girl. Great job!