Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Welcome to the wonderful world of...

Natalie opened up her own Etsy shop! Cute earrings and great pricing (shop around on etsy...she's inexpensive!)

She also introduced me to Picasa. I'm sure I'm the last person who's not already using it, but it's fabulous for my own lil brightening I need to do on pictures. Esp. when I don't need anything fancy or expensive like photoshop.


The other day I saw a HUGE tear in our sheets and, of course, assumed Ryan ripped them (i've got to stop being so biotchy and jumping to conclusions) but he didn't, they were just worn out. So I found these beauts on Overstock for $40. They were offering free shipping and then I searched around online for a discount code, so after tax and shipping, I paid $39.70. My bargaining need is a disease. Seriously.

But they got here on Friday (I ordered them last Wednesday...now that's what i call service) and they're pretty pretty. I'm tempted to get the tan set for wintertime (our comforter is tan on one side --compliments the blue-- and a deep red on teh other side --would be soooo great for christmas-y feeling).


In work news--

Friday was our company's summer party and Taylor did a fab job of putting together SWAG for all of us. I'll update with pics later...but everyone was very very impressed. Ryan and I only stayed for 2 hours because he had to get to work (on his day off, can you believe it) for a kid's graduation. They happen once a month or so, not a big deal, but he's the only staff that wasn't going to be out of town.

I'm finally going to have a manager. Her name is Brooke, she starts Monday and I hope she actually works. I know nothing else about her at this point, but it will be nice not to be on my own little island in the midwest working on slack from the last two dudes who split. I have SO much to do that I can't believe I'm blogging right now (i have 145 tasks on my list---45-60 is my usual avg).

Okay, Kronk out. Time to make 20 calls before calling it quits for the day.


Nat said...

Ok, so I'm really curious as to what Taylor put together for you guys. I could never do anything real impressive with the budget J&E gave me. :P

exclusive_remedy said...

Yeah, I have tried all three kinds of those chips and they are all good, but I think the mango ones are my faves. Mmm. All I have to say it, the earth is flat baby! Oh and I think I might be going to a dance/party thing on a boat this weekend - I will let you know.

Little Miss said...

I can sooo relate to the last statement--145 tasks to do (like SLEEP for example) and I am blogging...

still on Utah time, I suppose. sigh. at least I stopped puking!

; )