Sunday, July 01, 2007

Yard Sale Finds

Yesterday we went to get the air conditioning in my dodge fixed (long story, it's not fixed yet) so after we dropped off the car I slyly asked, "wanna go look at yard sales? I bet we could find some fishing gear for you." -- i knew that's all I had to say.

Ryan's been fishing lately (I'll show pics later) and his new hobby means he has shopping and searching he can do and means I can go look at yard sales and he won't protest. I don't really go searching for anything, just like browsing and a good bargain or new treasure.

Ryan found this awesome fly fishing kit for $10

and at the same house I scored (he he, get it?) this pack of vintage Uno scorecards and unopened 1978 Uno box. and he gave it to me for free! Thought it was somewhat rare to find a shrinkwrapped game from 30 yrs ago...yay!

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