Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Anniversary {of sorts}

Three years ago today, the most wonderful man in my life asked me to marry him. Many of you have heard the story before, but the details are getting fuzzier the longer it gets from the date. I actually think it was the night of the 10th, but since it was past midnight, we've decided it was technically 11/11.

Ryan and I had been dating since Sept 12th {well that was our first date, at least} and had so much fun together. After a few weeks he'd been going through a rough time and it manifested itself in the form of an uber-grouch. Of course, this didn't bode well with me. I sometimes felt I was being a nuisance and therefore found validation of my fabulousness elsewhere {in the likes of a couple different dates}. What?! I needed to feel pretty and it wasn't happening. But quickly Ryan overcame whatever issue it was and I decided I really really really liked him. Actually, at this point I knew I loved him but {hell, no} would not be the one to say it.

To be completely honest, I was smitten after the first week of hanging out. I may have even come home and told my roommate that I could marry him and be the happiest girl.

{I have a problem going off on tangents - I'm a terrible story teller}

So after a week or two of returned bliss, Ryan had just finished his late-night shift at Heritage and come over to my house. Since it was after curfew {shhh!} all my roommates were asleep and we were able to cuddle/spoon on the couch and makeout without roommates getting grossed out {It was G-rated, people!}. In the course of the conversations we were having, he let it slip that he thought he loved me. hmmm...you only think? {yes, I actually said that} Anyways, not 3 minutes later he said he could see himself marrying me and I said I could see myself marrying him. Bada-bing, bada-boom, we're engaged. He's the love of my life. We have huge fights and hard times, but they're worth it. They make us stronger and make me, especially, appreciate what a wonderful man he is. He's so patient for putting up with my crap. And when I say crap, I mean both material possessions and emotional drama.

I made a wish {remember, 11/11} and it came true. Don't forget to make one of your own today.

This was one of the pictures we didn't use in our announcement. {mainly because it's almost pitch black outside}


Rocketgirl said...

"You only think??" Priceless:) And congrats for sticking together!!

mmclinger said...

I love your hair color... sorry your story is so sweet... but really i love the hair color!

TPlayer said...

First of all, I think it's hilarious you linked Heritage.. ha... and second you are actually a fantastic storyteller! (The best written stories are the ones that can be read, and you feel as if the person is sitting right there talking to you. Heaven forbid a person tangent once in awhile (I'm pretty sure the most interesting & passionate brains are the ones who have lots of things going on inside of them!) Keep up the good work!

exclusive_remedy said...

I remember that, and yes, you did tell me that before you were engaged. Oh you crazy kids. I am glad you are still happy together ... it makes me happy.