Saturday, November 22, 2008




mmclinger said...

I thought it was so weird, and I don't think they developed the characters at all. Ugh the frustration of it all!

Chelsea said...

I know! I posted this on a friend's blog and didn't want to retype it so i'm just going to copy/paste:

Here's why I think it's lame: music selection throughout the first 3/4 of the movie. Only at and after the baseball game was the music any good. Before then, I thought the movie music/soundtrack would be suitable for LifeTime Television. The piano/guitar music added WAY too much to the cheesiness. It potentially could have been much better had the music been different. And the acting, as you said, could have been more solid in parts.

What I DID like about the movie is that you didn't have to suffer through Bella saying/thinking, Edward is so breathtaking/handsome/gorgeous/delicious like you had to in the book.

I wonder if they'll combine books 2 and 3 into one movie. That would make the most sense since most of book 2 is a pity party, right?

Also, Jacob looks like a Native American version of my youngest brother. Seriously. The resemblance is uncanny.

exclusive_remedy said...

Yeah, I kinda hope that they do combine the 2nd and 3rd or do SOMETHING so it isn't such a pity party. My friend thinks I am weird cause I kinda hate Bella cause she is so annoying and makes so many bad decisions - but I really hate her. The only thing that kept me reading was ... I am not sure. Interest in the story I guess. Anyway, acting=bad, but I enjoyed the movie anyway. I like lots of stuff that sucks though. Haha.

ThorpeFamily said...

See we saw it last night and really liked it. I thought the music was perfect it was just as the book described. Yah things were mushed together but I like it better that way. Bella is to whinny in the book.

Evonne said...

Can we still be friends even though we have totally opposite opinions?

I loved it.

miss you,

Gingerlylizzy said...

I am glad everyone is telling me such bad things about it. Then my expectations won't be too high and maybe I will enjoy it more :)

Chelsea said...

I'm going to watch it again tonight. We'll see if my opinion changes.

hillary said...

You are. {lame} I was entertained. Although the music was OBNOXIOUS! And their Edward was UGLY which pissed me off since he's supposed to be amazingly gorgeous. And yeah, it was a low budget movie. But I still liked it.