Saturday, November 29, 2008

April's Baby Shower

I had so much fun and so many creative ideas for this shower. I just wish I could hone my time management skills to the point where I'm not rushing about and thinking "if I only had another hour..." and actually was able enjoy everyone's company.

So here are the decorations. I'm just going to post photos w/short descriptions. Feel free to ask me questions on how I made things, where I sourced my materials, etc.

preparations: cupcake baking cups and individual cupcake bakery boxes

18" pretty pretty stars

Mustached Women = hilarious. This was actually a game {we didn't tell the guests it was a game until we had a winner} and Grandma Alexander and Elise won the prizes.

napkins and silverware

fabric banner {bunting} and half the pom-poms I wanted to make and use. I should have done them all on Thanksgiving Day when I started them

closeup of fabric banner

Stuffed Strawberries. These were the favorite food of the night.

The rest of our food: cream of broccoli potato soup in mini bread bowls. I kept it WAS the day after Thanksgiving, after all.

My favorite part.

Here's one close up {or 2}. I LOVE this illustration from Belle & Boo. I have both a cowboy and an indian. I tried to do a baby/retro cowboys and indians theme.

{excuse this photo - it was snapped with my phone}
These are the favors

and the guest of honor opening some gifts

It was a HUGE success and I had so much help from everyone setting up and getting things made. What a great way to spend an evening.


Evonne said...

I'll take one of everything, please! So darling.

topsyturvytara said...

Splain to me the mustache game. Would it work for a bridal shower?

hillary said...

SO stinkin' cute! Love the picks!

Erin said...

You are so extremely talented. You make me jealous. Someday, you can throw me a party! =)