Monday, November 17, 2008

Our Four-Legged Child

Since we're flying to Utah for Thanksgiving {and it's next week} I thought I'd look to see what requirements there are for taking Thunder with us.

I'm sad to say, it will cost us $300 if we want to take him for those 4 days. Not happening. So now we have to start looking into boarding services and/or beg, plead, trade with people we know {which is limited to Ryan's schoolmates and our ward} to watch him.

That's not the worst news. In December we'll be gone for 2 weeks and flying Southwest. We can't even PAY to have him come with us. Not an option.

So what are we going to do?

Even if we board him in a kennel it's going to be 2 weeks. {I'm surprised at how sad I am - I cried}.

It's like leaving your baby with strangers.

*Update! I found a solution that works for us. We had to cancel Ryan's flight and rebook him on an airline that would allow Thunder as a carry-on AND it's $100 each way, so a FAR cry cheaper than boarding him in a kennel {I called around this morning - it would have been $300 for those two weeks} AND we get to have him with us! Hooray! - Now, any kind soul in Lawrence want to want to watch him for Thanksgiving?

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Becca said...

I was going to comment that its sort of messed up that they allow babies as carry ons (seated in lap I mean) but they don't let pets go. I know some Airlines also let you 'check' animals and ship them cross country as I dated a guy once that raised falcons and received 'shipments' at the airport of the birds.

I don't want to claim we want to watch Thunder on Thanksgiving because Daniel was deathly afraid of dogs as a kid, but if no one else can, we will be around. Besides, babies love small furry things.