Friday, January 16, 2009


I was tagged by my good friend LeahMarie and I was planning on posting anyway, so it's time to combine efforts.

Ten Things I'm Grateful For:

{No particular order}

Fossil Fuels - My house is nice and toasty and warm. Thank you natural gas.

Husband - self explanatory. But so it doesn't look like he gets the shortest blurb, I'll tell you that when he puts gel in his hair and is sporting his winter beard {as he is now}, it's hard not to get all hot and bothered. You're welcome for the over share.

My job - as much as I hate it, I love it. I love it a lot. My office rocks. And they have great health insurance.

My home - I know it's not perfect and it's not ideal, but it's nice and big enough to hold most of my schtuff.

The Intrawebs - without cable, this allows me to watch ALL my favorite tv shows and some of my not so favorite ones when I'm bored.

The Gospel - I've been blessed so many times and many of them can be attributed to my faith in our Lord and Savior.

Walmart - yes, yes, evil corporate blah blah blah. It's still my favorite one-stop shop and I'm able to live comfortably because they stack them deep and sell them cheap.

Blogs - especially those of crafters. I never knew there were so many talented people who were so willing to share their finds and gifts with others. I love reading the lives of other people. I love sharing {in a way} in their joys, struggles, laughs, cries, good days and bad. It keeps me connected even though I'm often sitting by myself in my 'office' for 8 hours a day.

Clear Nail Polish - Right after Thanksgiving I decided I was going to grow out my nails. I've been a terrible nail biter all my life. In kindergarten I remember my mom coating my nails with bitter apple something or other. Yeah...nice try, mom, that didn't work. The only thing that keeps me from biting or picking at them until they're nubs is clear nail polish. It has to be clear. When I'm tempted to pick at them, I instead chip off the latest layer of polish. Add another coat, let dry, repeat in a few days. I have really pretty fingernails right now.

Family - Yes, they're crazy. Some members are crazier than others and I have a difficult time spending too much time with others because of personality conflicts, but either way, they're family. They're here now and will be for eternity, so I'm learning how to love and appreciate all the good qualities each possesses.

Well, folks, there you have it. Tomorrow is January's craft day at my house so I have a downstairs to pick up and vacuum and we're heading out with our friends {who are harboring a fantastic little secret!} to Zen Zero for dinner. It's delicious. I love the Massaman curry {or however it's spelled}. And then we'll probably come back here and watch a movie instead of heading to a theater. Maybe even start a fire in ye olde fireplace.

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Rocketgirl said...

What a happy positive entry! ANd I love that you use the word "interwebs":)