Thursday, January 08, 2009

New Curtains

Alright, so I said I'm going to start getting my house more put together and I'm one step closer.

{well, at least I ordered the stuff - it's not here so not finished yet}

What started from a picture from a blog got me to comment and ask where her curtain fabric was from. Which led me to Urban Outfitters.

This was the fabric/curtain I really really liked.

But it's only 7ft tall. I want the option to make it floor to ceiling-ish.
My solution?
Buy tapestry that I can cut in half, hem, and make curtains out of. They didn't have the same pattern, so after looking for a bit I went with this.

So it's a little busier than orginally planned for, but I really like the little speckles of blue and yellow the birds add and think it will dress up my droll front room.

Ryan and I talked about getting our couch cleaned {or just cleaning it ourselves} and putting it on Craigslist. It's an awesome couch, but we'd maybe like to get a 3-seater couch and an extra wide chair and ottoman.

I also grabbed these fun hooks for behind our front door to hang light coats and jackets {in silver}.

We also stopped by Costco on our way home from the airport last night to pick up a couple of these storage shelves for the garage - they hold 1500 lbs each shelf! That's insane.

I might need to get some more goals for this year!


Gingerlylizzy said...

I actually love the second pattern (That you are getting) a lot more. I think it might look less busy since the pattern is a little tighter than the first... so darling!

Micah and Melinda said...

So what if the second is a lil more busy, I know you are going to make it so cute! Plus, i am loving the dashes of color.

exclusive_remedy said...

Oh man, your house is going to look so cute! And the hooks! I love those little hooks! You are too cute!

the keele's said...

i really love your choice here. im gonna end up making my own curtains now! good thinking.