Sunday, January 04, 2009

Viral Infection

...on my laptop on Friday made a complete wipe of the harddrive and reinstall necessary. I saved 9+ GB of data, but wouldn't you know, I'm retarded and neglected to save ALL my bookmarked pages and ALL my browser links that I'd favorited. I'm really heartbroken.

The only consolation I have is the defunct account I stopped updating 6 months ago AND I remember a few of the blogs that weren't added to Google Reader that I'd just begun to love.

damn technology


shannon said...

oh my, how stinkin' AWFUL! that happened to us a few months ago and since then i've resolved to save everything on an external hard drive...but haven't backed up anything in months. thanks for the good reminder!

Micah and Melinda said...

oh suck, sister, sorry!

TPlayer said...

I wish I had your email so I didn't have to leave comments as the only way to "contact you"... Kevin's white elephant party was on Thurs Dec 18th at the institute. An email was sent out by the ward email, are you guys on that mailing list? Next year the party will actually be in Las Vegas, since Kevin & Amy are already gone to India now and will be moving to Vegas for his job come fall. Players in Lawrence anymore

the keele's said...

oh gosh that sucks lots... sorry lady. are you in utah till?