Thursday, January 01, 2009

Resolved to Be Resolute

{image via HWTM}
I'm going to skip over Christmas festivities and travel logs and just list my goals for this coming year.

* Be organized - this should probably be first and foremost for a happy marriage
* Simplify - thoughts, wants, needs, life
* Be healthy - this may include making more meals and eating {out} less
* Make more meals at home - at least 6 nights a week. ay ay ay.
* Make my actions more thoughtful
* Bake more, but give more away - see 3rd line down
* Paint my house - maybe even tackle the front room and the vaulted ceilings
* Have a yard sale or two - part of simplifying
* Be more successful on a professional level
* Find out information on costs and requirements for culinary school
* Get our house put together more - more cohesive themes in rooms, garage cleaned and organized, etc.
* Put together a food storage system and use it for one to two weeks to test its effectiveness

So there you go. 12 goals and 12 months in 2009. I wanted to add 'have a baby' in there, but I think our Heavenly Father has that later down the road for our family - like closer to when Ryan's schooling will be done, plus, that's not really in our control anymore.

What are some of your goals? I might need to steal a few more to poke in here and there.


Natalie said...

I would be so happy for you (and insanely jealous) if you went to culinary school. I looked into it when Steve was deployed. I think it was about $30,000 for the program. I might have done it if the schools weren't so far away. I really needed to be close to my family when Steve was gone. Now that I'm close to a school, there's no way I can go. Maybe I'll just vicariously go through you . . . or wait until I'm 40. :)

Micah and Melinda said...

Oh i would so love to go to one of your garage sales!

hillary said...

That's quite the list!