Sunday, October 07, 2007

Ahh, the weekend

Last night I took advantage of Priesthood session and hung out with Liz and her beautiful home in Eagle Mountain. Seriously, I want to move now!

I made a few new masks (now in my Etsy Shop) and thought, hmmm, let's see what kids actually think of them! So I took a few to Sydney and Blake and they seemed to be a hit for the few minutes they stayed on.

I finished my Harvest Banner and LOVE it. It's going up in my house by my window. I love fall. Mostly the crisp air and the changing of the leaves, but I think everyone's cheeks are a bit more rosy and everyone looks great in sweaters.

So you may remember our problems with Ryan's car back in January and we finally got it back just 2 months ago. Well, on our drive back from Provo Canyon yesterday we heard a POP and a SNAP and the heater went out instantly and so did the power steering. I was a bit frazzled and kept asking Ryan what this did and that did and what it meant that the power steering was out, etc. Needless to say, a few colorful words were said as we slowly drove to the closest Jiffy Lube (our mechanic isn't open on Saturdays), Ryan called his brother to come and give him a ride to work, and I waited an hour for the serpentine belt and pulley-something-or-other to be fixed. It's just a little frustrating when we just shelled out five grand to get the engine fixed and this is all related. Time for Ryan to head to the mechanic's on Monday to figure out what the deal is. AUGH.

BUT, on our way IN to the canyon, look how absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking the mountains are. I love this time of year (I know I've already said that--but I really do).

Anyways, Conference is on, which means, time to listen and color my hair and clean the house before we leave for the in-laws this afternoon.

me, not too thrilled at the car being broken

pretty mountains in their fall splendor - wouldn't it be AWESOME to live up here?

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julia said...

Is this Utah ? If it is, it's not at all as I imagined. I thought it was more like Arizona.
The pictures are so beautiful and so very autumn-ly (can one say that ?).