Friday, October 19, 2007

Cooking for a Cure

Ryan and I ran into Target last night for some quick groceries and I stumbled upon this lovely set of PINK pots and pans! We never got any when we were married and I didn't want to spend $80 on a quasi-decent set, so we've been making due...until last night! These are pink for October's Breast Cancer Awareness/Susan G Komen Foundation and already on clearance. Amidst the other pink items I found a saute pan and then spotted this last set of cookware for $40. Retails for $140. Best part, Bialetti (makers) will donate $10.


exclusive_remedy said...

Dude, I saw those same pots and pans in Target and almost got them on Thurs - but I resisted. I have a bunch of cooking stuff anyway so I didn't want to have more stuff to move when I eventually do. Do you like them?

Ginger said...

ScORE!!!! What a sweet deal. BTW I have had a the CupCake pan on order since the last weekend in Aug. My local Sur De Table says that everyone ran out of them because they were such a big hit! They say now Oct 25th. Pretty soon.

shannon said...

so divine...also, at Bed Bath and Beyond they have TONS of pink accessories for your kitchen. might need to make a stop there!