Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Freak Show -OR- All that and a bag of Chips

Happy Halloween! A visitor came to the office today (or should i say solicited the office) visiting with a coworkers husband. just for reference in size...the normal looking guy is 5'11/6' and so we're guessing Trixie is around 7'2" (assuming her heels are 4").

What a frightening sight.

you'll want to click on the image for the full effect


Nat said...

WHO... WHAT... HOW?!?!? Who the heck is that?!

I don't know what's funnier, that giant guy dressed up as a hooker or Tyler's face. LOL

the keele's said...

haha, how funny. our friend works with this guy. well atleast i am thinking so. cause he said he lost the costume contest to a 7 foot hooker guy. haha

shannon said...

dang, and trixie doesn't even have muffin tops...i am jealous. and yes...scary!