Thursday, October 11, 2007

Why I Love Costco in October

I had THE best lunch today. Costco samples (delicious Pot Roast that I ended up buying for dinner) and a polish dog and drink. $1.50. You can't go wrong! I also love Costco in Sept/Oct because they put out their Christmas ribbon. I can't find a better deal on 50 yds of ribbon...$7...I just wish they had more everyday ribbon choices. I get some in the spring, too, right around easter is when they have the other ribbon display, but seriously, I need some cute stuff for everyday!

Anyways, the deal with costco is that if you see something and you like it but think, i'll wait until next time...DON'T. It probably won't be there next time. They were already sold out of the ribbon I looked through EVERY box for, but scored some really cute ribbon that goes with my Christmas tree colors this year (I like to wrap presents to match - plain brown kraft shipping paper or white butcher paper to wrap everything and then just cute ribbon to make it look supersweet).

In other news, I bought a few Etsy showcase spots for their halloween show and have only good things to say about my experience. I totally got my money's worth and then some. I've had 13 orders this month and it's only the 11th! I'm actually thinking it's time to start crafting and getting some of my christmas ideas out of my head and into projects.

Ryan's been feverishly working on grad school apps - probably getting an ulcer in the midst of the stress - and getting them out to the schools and right now is meeting with his professors of years gone to write recommendations for him.

I don't know if you remember about him not getting accepted into USU in Logan last year, but he was pretty bummed...for about a month. It turns out it was a blessing because they lost the accreditation for their psyche program and Ryan would have been screwed.

As he's filling out applications, I'm looking into the housing market in each area and seeing what our options would be. I found an awesome house in Lincoln, NE (University of Nebraska - Lincoln) that would be amazing to buy and rent out - a 4-plex for $115k. We wouldn't have to contribute anything to the mortgage if we kept it rented! Wherever we end up, it should be a great adventure and exciting to start somewhere new together.


Evonne said...

I love me some Costco! I need to go without the girls sometime, though because I never get to look through everything I want otherwise.

I'm excited to see where you all end up - a new adventure!

Dilly Dally Art said...

Noooo, I just found you. You can't move!!!

shannon said...

i love me some costco does adam. i love going there on Saturday's just to see all the madness! and of course the samples. and fun finds of course.