Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Pillows

I've been wanting pillows for a long while for my couch. It's so long and neutral in color and big that the standard ones from the store just don't cut it.

Much to my happiness, (and my eagle-eye for a good deal) I found some hardy pillows in their Final Sale section this striped pretty:
our couch
I got 2 of the one on the left - I ordered a third pillow of a diff pattern but it was out of stock. dang it.

It isn't as turquoise-y blue as it is in the picture and will work in my house quite nicely. The best thing is that they're 'outdoor' pillows, meaning they are made of a duck or canvas and will be easy to clean. With how hard my family is on stuff, and one hairy little dog, this is perfect!

Also, I ordered this and they sent me 2 of them instead of 1:

I already gave the extra one away :)


Nat said...

I know how it is with a big beige couch :) You need color!! Love the pillows!

And I'm glad you've jumped on the TofH bandwagon with me. I have that mag, too, but I didn't know those pumpkin thingys were in there. how funny :)

Gingerlylizzy said...

I love those! Very cute....

Seriously... said...

thanks for the info on the felt circles...those are super cute. My mom is coming into town this weekend and I thought they would be something fun to make while she's here. Love your blog, such cute craft ideas! keep up the good work!!!

shannon said...

love, love the pillows! we just bought a chocolate brown leather sofa and i want turquoise and brown pillows so bad!!!