Sunday, October 07, 2007

My First CopyCat!

I found this listing today on Etsy:

My instant thought was, what the...she must have the same magazines!...but really, I LOVE to take other people's ideas and make them my own, which this person has done, so really, I'm not upset at all....well, that and mine are made with a much higher quality. And I know she didn't use the pattern from MS Baby, because of the dimensions of her bags and otherwise she would have probably used the same animal patterns.

It's kind of exciting that I have my first copycat from seeing stuff I had. I actually emailed her and told her my experience with pricing (sold my first on Friday - after reducing it 25%) and said she might need to reduce hers as well.

***Update - so the seller emailed me back and actually said she saw it in a shop in FL - how funny. So I offered to tell her which magazine issue the pattern is in for future reference. Really nice lady....good luck to her shop! (I sold my second one today -- hooray!)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, yours is MUCH cuter. Hers looks like crap!

Nat said...

I agree. :)